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Are you about to become an employer in Belgium or are you already one? At Local Knowledge we are experts in managing people and teams.

We provide first rate advice and direct support across a wide range of human resources service areas to support you to run your teams and your organisation.



Expanding your team?
We will support you recruit people that meet your requirements.

  • Recruitment process
    We handle the full recruitment process from drafting the job description, advertising the post, shortlisting, Interviewing, to appointing candidates.

  • Looking for an EU public affairs role?
    We also provide targeted head hunting services for EU public affairs roles.


HR Consulting

There’s more to HR than payroll and recruitment – we are experts in supporting you to manage people and teams from helping you manage your legal reporting to benchmarking salaries we’re here for all your HR related needs.

  • HR management
    We will support you in managing your internal processes effectively whether you need a one day a week or a one day a month Human Resources Director or Operations Director.

  • Salary & benefit surveys
    We conduct regular salary surveys with a special focus on the EU public affairs/non profit sector. We know what prospective employee salary expectations are as well as how much it will cost you to meet these expectations. We will provide advice on terms and conditions and employee expectations in Belgium.

  • HR reporting requirements
    Belgian rules require employers to track and report on work place risks, health and safety at work and employee well-being. We can help you meet your legal obligations in this area.


Payroll Services

Administrative work can be time consuming and we don’t want it to keep you from achieving your main goals.
We will handle your payroll reporting and staff benefits management. We can also provide advice and support regarding work regulations.

  • Employer registration
    Employers in Belgium need to register with a payroll agency to help them manage the complexities of running the payroll. We take care of your registration and ensure you meet all your legal obligations.

  • Payroll Reporting
    We will manage the monthly payroll reporting process with your payroll agency. We will ensure seamless communication and accurate reporting on a monthly and annual basis.

  • Staff benefits
    We will order and manage lunch vouchers, ecocheques and other benefits as part of our pay and benefits services.

  • Work regulations
    All employers need a set of up to date work regulations. We will draft them for you and help you keep them up to date.


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