Is Brexit hampering your export activities?
Do you need a base in the EU? 

Why you should set up your business in Belgium : 

Setting up a separate company will allow you to get around extra charges, paperwork, taxes and taxation created by Brexit.

Belgium is well connected, centrally located and its workforce is typically multilingual, highly educated and mobile. 

Generous state incentives are in place to encourage companies to hire employees.

Why you should choose us

We are qualified:

We have helped international businesses and organisations setting up in Belgium for over 10 years. We are a qualified team eager to help you see the best in Belgium and its assets. We are experienced in working with NGOs, trade and medical associations, businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs.

Why wouldn’t you be the next?

We can help you with:

Relevant advice and tips 

In-depth knowledge of Belgian rules and regulations

Expertise in legal incorporation with our own network of lawyers, notaries and accountants to suit all sizes and budgets

Extensive HR experience and knowledge to help your business on its way 

The advantages of working with us:

A reliable and experienced team of British and Belgian nationals

Personalised advice and service

Fast turnaround times

One project manager to manage your set up from beginning to end 

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