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Local Knowledge is a unique one stop shop helping NGOs set up and operate in Belgium. We deliver essential advice and support to you during the set up phase of your NGO in Belgium. We will also help you run your organisation on a day to day basis providng support across a wide range of Human Resources service areas.

We will help you prioritise delivering your core mission without the need to worry about the routine aspects of your work.

Our services

Legal Incorporation

Setting up in Belgium? We are the experts in setting up NGOs and Associations. Our extensive experience of the ins and outs of the incorporation process will ensure you get the most appropriate advice and rapid service.

Wherever you plan to incorporate between the 3 Belgian Regions, we will provide time saving and stress busting support.


People & Organisation

Are you about to become an employer in Belgium or are you already one? At Local Knowledge we are experts in managing people and teams.

We provide first rate advice and direct support across a wide range of human resources service areas to support you to run your teams and your organisation.


Our NGOs clients

Louise and Local Knowledge know how to help when we need it most. Smart, friendly, dependable – they’ve played an essential part in helping us get to where we are. Thank you very much.

Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck, Founder & CEO, Lie Detectors

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