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Employers may pay too many social contributions


Around 4% of workers are entitled to an ONSS reduction that is not applied. The average amount to be recovered through this reduction is of €2200. Hopefully it is still time to get your old ONSS reductions back! Acerta explains all about how employers can beneficiate from a full range of subventions for their employees in its article "Récupérer les réductions ONSS du passé ? Il n’est pas trop tard !" (Only available in FR).

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New measures for British citizens working and living in Belgium


Belgium has taken new measures to ensure continuity of residence and employment rights of British citizens assuming that the UK may leave the European Union without any agreement on 30 March 2019. The Belgian Ministerial Council approved the draft text on Friday 18 January but it is not yet final. British people already resident in Belgium will be treated as if they continued to be EU citizens until 30 December 2020. No further action required on their part for the time being. This right of residence also enables British people to work in Belgium until 30 December 2020 without needing a work permit. Belgium will continue to apply the European rules relating to social security. This means that British citizens will continue to build up social security rights until 31 December 2020. The fact that the UK and the European Union may or may not reach an agreement will have little impact for British people who live and work in Belgium already. — Source: SD Worx

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Paternity leave for the self-employed


We've been talking about it for a while and it should soon be a reality – paternity leave for the self-employed. The new law makes provision for self-employed fathers to enjoy a paid paternity leave of 10 days along with a €79 allowance per day. And in case one the father can’t take it, he can take titres-services/dienst-cheques instead. Read the full article by l'Echo (only available in FR). — Source: L'Echo

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BREXIT: The deadline approaches


The Brexit deadline, set for 29th March 2019, will soon be upon us. Meanwhile there is still no deal. Regardless of the deal-no-deal situation the good news is that Brexit won't affect taxation of professional incomes. This is because these rules are governed by a bilateral tax treaty and not by EU rules. To get a more concrete picture of the potential consequences of a hard Brexit, you can read the full article written by SD Worx (only available in FR). They provide two exemples of the possible differences between the present situation and the one after Brexit. In the meantime, let's still hope that an agreement is reached in time. — Source: SD Worx

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More than half of Belgian workers are overweight


A study conducted by the IDEWE Group, specialised in work accident prevention and protection, shows staggering figures regarding Belgian workers' weight. Based on the analysis of the medical data of over 200 000 workers, the survey reveals that over half of the Belgian workers are overweight (54,6%) and 1 in 5 workers (18,8%) are obese – the trend is rising. The difference between sectors is also striking: the transportation sector has 70,3% of overweight workers while the education sector has "barely" 47,3% of overweight employees. Read the full article here (only available in French or Dutch). — Source: IDEWE

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Have you paid too much in employer social contributions?


According to Acerta, around 4% of employees are entitled to an ONSS reduction that is not applied. The average amount that could be recovered through this reduction is €2200. Hopefully you still have time to get your old ONSS reductions back! Acerta explains all about how employers can benefit from a range of subsidies for their employees. Read the article (Only available in FR). — Source: Acerta

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WLTP: What to know about the new car consumption test


The WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure) is a new compulsory test procedure for cars, which will lead to an overall increase in a car’s carbon emission value. This will have a knock on effect on the circulation tax, the calculation of the benefit in kind, the deductibility of cars expenses from corporate income tax and the carbon solidarity contribution. Read more about the WLTP (Only available in FR and NL). — Source: SD Worx

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New per diem conditions


Since 1st September 2017, the per diem amounts and conditions for federal employees have significantly changed. This matters as many employers in the private and non-profit sector use these amounts for their own employees. It was confirmed recently that the new amounts and conditions also apply. Read more here (Only available in FR). — Source: SD Workx

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SEMINAR: Start your own business #2018


Thanks to all who came and contributed to making our annual seminar on how to set up a business in Belgium such an amazing event. Over 70 participants came together to pick up some practical tips and to hear from other entrepreneurs’ experiences. Looking forward to keeping in touch and hearing how you are all getting on! Subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed about our next events! Thanks to our sponsors - The Bulletin , ING and Group S.

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JOB VACANCY: Could you be our next Client Coordinator?


JOB OBJECTIVE The Client Coordinator provides end to end operational support & advice to our clients managing all their administrative issues across HR, finance and general office support Tasks vary from client to client but can include, payroll filing,  maintenance of current Work Regulations, reviewing candidates in the context of recruitment processes, maintaining records of income and expenditure and preparing documents for filing in the Belgian Official Journal. Prior experience of all ot these areas of work is not a requirement but we are looking for someone who has experience in administrative work, who is organised, accurate, client orientated and keen to develop their skills. MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES The list below is a non-exhaustive list of the tasks that our Client Coordinator will handle. Training will be provided. Payroll: On a monthly basis gather information per employee on absences and code the payroll correctly in a variety of online social secretariat service providers Respond to queries from staff regarding information in their payslip Respond to managers’ queries regarding fluctuations in invoices Ensure that staff of our clients understand their terms and conditions of employment Maintain an overview and understanding of benefits per client HR Provide general advice to clients [...]

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