As of 1st January 2024 an employee falling sick during their legal holidays can request to transform these days off into sick leave, if they provide a medical certificate from the first day of illness and inform the employer about their location.

These holidays will then be usable at a later date. If the days cannot be taken by the end of the year, they will be paid to the employee, who will be able to use them in the following 24 months (at the point of use they will not be paid on these days as they will have already been paid but they are entitled to the time off).  This is new : Previously, the days were paid to the employee, without them having the opportunity to use them the following year. As of 2024, the holidays will thus be paid at the end of the year rather than when they are actually taken by the employee.

This new law covers legal holiday but also maternity leave, birth leave, adoption leave, accident at work leave, care leave and welcome leave (for foster parents).

Your work regulations should be adapted accordingly, following the usual procedure.