Start your own Business Seminar 2020


Start your own business in Belgium - Online Edition Thursday 14 May 2020 Welcome to 2020 edition of Belgium's premier business start up event. This event is dedicated to helping you set up your business in Belgium. This half day seminar takes you through all the practical and essential steps you need to take to get your business up and running. Local Knowledge has teamed up with ING, The Bulletin, Group S and LBBH to bring you expert advice on how to start your own business in Belgium. We’re adapting to the times and running the event as an interactive webinar this year – read on for more details. Registration is free but compulsory. Date: 14 May 2020 Platform – Webinar – Room opens 13h30 14h00 Opening session with Anne-Sofie van den Born 14h30 Types of company & freelancer structure in Belgium (Local Knowledge) 15h00 Self-employment & social security (Group S) 15h30 Tax matters (LBBH) 16h00 Banking and finance ING) 16h30 Open session: Ask an expert Key features Our audience is free to come and go as they please so it is not a requirement to attend all sessions – you can zoom in on the sessions that are of interest to you We will [...]

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Get work permits faster


The Belgian authorities have recently taken a series of measures to speed up the work permit application process.   Last year the authorities introduced a single permit (permis unique in French, gecombineerde vergunning in Dutch) which combines the work and residence permits (managed by two different authorities). This was done to speed things up in the long run but in fact the effect was to dramatically increase the processing time. To address the delays the government has introduced two new measures:    First the ‘office des etrangers’ (OE) will received more staff – they suffer from a permanent shortage of staff which is one of the reasons for the lengthy waiting time.     Two, non-EU nationals who are awaiting a work permit renewal can continue to work as usual as long as the regional migration office has approved the renewal – while waiting for the OE’s approval the commune will give the employee a temporary right to reside in Belgium. Third country nationals who change employer can also work under the same arrangements as long as the regional migration service has approved the new employer application.     The national social security office) is in the process of developing [...]

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Holding your General Assembly: New COVID-19 rules for companies and non-profits


Over the last weekend, the Belgian Minister of Justice Koen Geens, adopted a special decree to enable companies and associations registered in Belgium to meet their legal obligations with respect to their governance meetings which are generally legally required before 30 June each year. There are three options on the table: 1. Hold the General Assembly  on the date provided for by the statutes "in compliance with the quarantine measures". In other words, your GA  can take place electronically as long as members can exercise their right to vote and ask questions. 2. Postpone the meeting for up to 10 weeks after June 30 (deadline for holding GAs in general). 3. Allow your General Assembly to decide on the agenda points unanimously by written procedure. For more details see here:  

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Have you paid too much in employer social contributions?


According to Acerta, around 4% of employees are entitled to an ONSS reduction that is not applied. The average amount that could be recovered through this reduction is €2200. Hopefully you still have time to get your old ONSS reductions back! Acerta explains all about how employers can benefit from a range of subsidies for their employees. Read the article (Only available in FR). — Source: Acerta

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WLTP: What to know about the new car consumption test


The WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure) is a new compulsory test procedure for cars, which will lead to an overall increase in a car’s carbon emission value. This will have a knock on effect on the circulation tax, the calculation of the benefit in kind, the deductibility of cars expenses from corporate income tax and the carbon solidarity contribution. Read more about the WLTP (Only available in FR and NL). — Source: SD Worx

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New per diem conditions


Since 1st September 2017, the per diem amounts and conditions for federal employees have significantly changed. This matters as many employers in the private and non-profit sector use these amounts for their own employees. It was confirmed recently that the new amounts and conditions also apply. Read more here (Only available in FR). — Source: SD Workx

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“Cash for car” allowance now available


The law introducing the mobility (or cash for car) allowance came into force in May 2018. Employees with a company car that they can also use for private use can now give it back and get paid more instead without this income being treated by the tax and social security authorities as regular salary. The mobility allowance is calculated on the basis of the returned vehicle's catalogue value and benefits from a favourable fiscal and social regime. Read more about mobility allowance (Only available in FR and NL). — Source: SD Worx

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New notice periods during the first 6 months


On 4 May 2018 new notice periods came into effect for contracts signed from 1 May onwards. The effect of the new rules is to reduce the notice period that employers must give employees during the first 6 months of occupation. In the first three months the employer will now have to give just 1 weeks notice rising to 3 weeks notice after three months, 4 weeks notice after four months, 5 weeks notice between 5 months and 6 months. Links: Only available in FR – Annexe au règlement de travail relative aux délais de préavis (Partena Professional) Source: (HR Alert)

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Not so much flexibility at work after all


Four employees in ten are too scared to ask for a flexible work pattern, fearing that if they do, they be passed over for promotion at another point in their career. The study by Mercer makes the claim on the basis of interviews with 7600 managers. Links: Only available in FR – Flexibilité au travail : 4 employés sur 10 inquiets pour leur promotion (communiqué de presse de Mercer) Source: (HR Alert)

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1 in 4 contracts ends in separation within 12 months


Despite the time and effort that goes into recruiting and inducting new staff members, a quarter of newly hired permanent employees leave within a year, usually at the request of the new staff member, according to an analysis of 44,000 contracts conducted by Acerta. The problem is often due to poor integration of the new employee into their team Links: Only available in FR – Un quart des CDI ne durent même pas un an (L'Echo) Only available in NL – Slechte onboarding: 60% van nieuwe medewerkers overweegt vertrek (Robert Half) Source: (HR Alert)

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