Beginning June 9, you will be able to progressively schedule comeback sessions for up to 20% of your staff at the same time. Each employee will be able to come to work once a week. For SMEs with fewer than 10 employees, a maximum of 5 employees can be present at the same time. Corona tests are recommended but not compulsory. 

As of July 1, working from home will no longer be required, but “recommended” for anyone whose job allows it. 

There are several conditions to respect for this return to work: 

  • First, the purpose of the return is to promote the psycho-social well-being of the employees and the team spirit ;
  • Employees cannot be obliged to participate in these progressive returns; 
  • The employer has to ensure that the rules on social distancing, hygiene measures, ventilation, etc.. are respected; 
  • It is best to avoid car-sharing or using public transport during peak hours for the home to work journeys.


SD Worx