Unique training for Brussels based NGO leaders


Bringing the whole team with you  INTRODUCTION With hundreds of international NGOs and Association Secretariats, Brussels is the most INGO crowded city in Europe. Collaborative groups across NGOs regularly share knowledge, skills and competencies to increase their impact and be more effective while reaching their organisational goals. But how often to NGO leaders come together for training and peer learning? Although fora exist where challenges can be aired and advice sought there are no formal learning spaces. This session is designed to address this gap. We have created this first-ever formal opportunity for you to learn, collaborate and support each other in improving your organisational systems and people management skills. In this first session we will identify common people management challenges for NGO leaders and explore, through Problem Based Learning, how to manage them. THE METHOD: Problem Based Learning (PBS) is based in the idea that there is no one single solution to a real-life problem, enhancing the importance of creativity, exploration, and engagement with the issues. It is distinct in the way it allows an approach to problem solving through defining the problem, critical thinking, brainstorming, collaboration and group communication around real life problems. REGISTRATION: This session is [...]