Bringing the whole team with you 

With hundreds of international NGOs and Association Secretariats, Brussels is the most INGO crowded city in Europe. Collaborative groups across NGOs regularly share knowledge, skills and competencies to increase their impact and be more effective while reaching their organisational goals. But how often to NGO leaders come together for training and peer learning? Although fora exist where challenges can be aired and advice sought there are no formal learning spaces. This session is designed to address this gap. We have created this first-ever formal opportunity for you to learn, collaborate and support each other in improving your organisational systems and people management skills.

In this first session we will identify common people management challenges for NGO leaders and explore, through Problem Based Learning, how to manage them.

Problem Based Learning (PBS) is based in the idea that there is no one single solution to a real-life problem, enhancing the importance of creativity, exploration, and engagement with the issues.

It is distinct in the way it allows an approach to problem solving through defining the problem, critical thinking, brainstorming, collaboration and group communication around real life problems.

This session is for INGO leaders only. There are only 8 places.
To register please email
The registration fee is 145 € (VAT included)
WHEN: Wed May 22 from 08.30-10.30 a.m. WHERE: MUNDO – B


Makfire Alija, MSc. Organisational Psychology

Makfire is a registered Organisational Psychologist at the Belgian Psychological Association. She is a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society and Member of the Belgian Association of Psychotherapists.

She is an experienced practitioner with a recognised academic background offering coaching and counselling to people and organisations. She has built her professional career working for different international non-for profit organisations in Brussels and in the field. Currently, alongside practicing coaching and counselling as a part time free-lancer, she is also responsible for general Human Resources management at a Brussels based think-tank.

Louise Hilditch has over 25 years experience in Brussels as a public affairs professional, leader and businesswoman.
Having started her Brussels career at the European Parliament for a senior MEP and Committee Chairman, she went on to work as a lobbyist before founding her own public affairs agency. Subsequently, she set up and ran ActionAid’s EU office. In 2008 she set up Local Knowledge helping companies and organisations set up and run offices in Brussels. Her client base is the NGO sector and she maintains strong ties across civil society. Together with Makfire she works in the area of organizational development and mentoring working with a large number of Brussels based NGOs/EU affairs offices. In 2013 she co-founded Full Circle, a private members club in Brussels dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of good ideas. Louise holds an MSc. in International Relations from the London School of Economics from where she graduated with distinction.