From 1 January 2018, the self-employed who are unable to work due to illness or an accident will get support from their mutuelle (social security fund) sooner.

The ‘waiting period’ (non-compensable period) has decreased from 1 month to 14 days. This means that from your 15th day of incapacity you will be supported by the mutuelle.

As a result you should inform your mutuelle of illness within 14 calendar days (rather than 28 days as before). This waiting period is effective from the 1st day following the beginning of the inability to work.

Note: In case of a late submission of the inability-to-work declaration, the compensations due to you will be reduced by 10% per day from the day the indemnity is due until the day the declaration is submitted.

The new rules also apply to spouses who are registered as assisting their partner with their business.

Source: Partena Professional