The right to professional training has been in place since October 2022. The number of days that each employee is entitled to depends on the size of the employer and their sector. Non-profit organisations from CPs 337 and 329 should follow these rules:

  • The right to training does not apply to organisations with fewer than 10 staff members.
  • Organisations with 10 to 19 staff members should provide 1 day of training per year.
  • Organisations with at least 20 staff members should provide 4 days per year since 2023 (rising to 5 days per year as of 2024).

All employers are required to maintain an individual training record to keep track of the training staff have done and from 2024 this will be transferred into a Federal Learning Account to be updated quarterly. The platform won’t be available until April 2024 so for now you can use your internal recording system. The FLA once it is up and running will be accessible to employers and employees.

Last update 14 December 2023