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Adaptation of notice periods for employees


The Claeys formula, named after the Belgian employment lawyer who devised it, is often used in Belgium to determine the length of notice for employees earning a salary above €30,535 gross (amount in 2011) per year. It has recently been adapted and we outline the main changes below. […]

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EU Blue Card – now in Belgium


EU Blue Card – entry into force in Belgium The Belgian Government is completing the final steps in the transposition of EU legislation that would allow highly skilled non EU nationals to live and work more easily in Belgium as part of a common EU effort to attract highly skilled migrants. […]

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VAT registration


Anyone earning income in Belgium as a freelance and all businesses need to register for VAT in Belgium. You must receive confirmation of your VAT registration before you can issue an invoice.  However if you earn less than EURO 5580 then you do not need to make VAT declarations nor do you charge VAT and nor can you recover it. […]

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Tax rates in Belgium


The standard corporate tax rate is 33.99% which compares favourably when you consider that a freelancer is taxed at up to 50% of his or her total income. For SMEs with an annual profit of less than €322,500 the rate can drop to as low as 24.98%. […]

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How to prepare for an interview


Interview top tips for candidates Although most of our services are targeted at employers rather than employees our long years of experience has prompted us to publish the following tips for prospective employees to consider prior to attending a job interview. These apply whatever your level. […]

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Working in bxl


If you are thinking of employing staff, contact us first to find out how to save money.

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New travel reimbursement rates now available


If you have any employees and you are governed by the rules applying to the Joint Work’s Committee 218 (employees) then this concerns you. […]

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