The English-language ‘bible’ of setting up a business started life two years ago as a little-known handbook offering advice and information about setting up a business or organisation in Belgium but, just like the company behind it, the book has become a key player in Belgium’s business consultancy world and has now sold over 1,000 copies.

To celebrate this, and following on from this success, the book has now been published in a second edition that should be top of any budding entrepreneur’s Christmas list.

“It’s a well-known fact in Belgium that you need nerves of steel, the patience of a saint and in-depth knowledge of the country’s pervasive bureaucracy to successfully start up a business or establish a local office and this book will help you cut through the paperwork in no time, “ says Louise Hilditch, managing director of

“Our book and consultancy service enables businesses to focus on getting their office or business off the ground, without worrying about the legalities of starting up in Belgium.

“Once you’re up and running our consultancy will handle all your back office, administrative and routine requirements finding you the best deals and saving you the expense of hiring support staff in house.”

The second edition of the Local Knowledge Guide to Setting Up And Running Your Business in Belgium, which is available on this site, in book shops and newsagents in Brussels, offers an insider’s guide to anyone setting up a new business or already running their own operation in Belgium.