The mobility budget applies to all employees that have a car company or that are eligible to have one. 

What’s the mobility budget all about?

  • It allows employees to transfer their “company car budget” into a flexible mobility budget for private mobility

  • It’s optional: employers & employees can choose it if it works for them

  • It gives employers the freedom to define which transport options are available, as long as they’re sustainable

  • It can be spent by the employee (& family) on sustainable mobility

  • It can be cost neutral for the employer

The mobility budget is intended to wean Belgian employees off company cars.


  • Helping fight climate change

  • Contributing to employee well-being

  • Flexibility

  • Fiscally attractive

  • Save time and increase productivity

The amount of the mobility budget is based on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the company car for the employer, the calculation can vary from employee to employee.

Here are some examples of how the mobility budget is used:

  • As a contribution towards an electric car

  • For a bike, e-scooter or expenses for public and shared transportation

  • Whatever’s left of the budget can go directly into the employee’s pocket which is a big incentive for most employees

A possibility of extension to employees who do not have a company car is also being examined.

The site offers a complete and accurate view of the system.