No surprises here but a confirmation from a Securex study: In 2020 employees played it safe by holding on to their jobs in this health crisis.

Job opportunities are lower because of the crisis and employees, despite questioning their role within their company, prefer to play it safe,” analyzes Guillaume Bosmans, HR research expert at Securex. “When the crisis is over, we should expect a more dynamic recovery of the employment market with more voluntary departures assuming that there are more openings.”

This trend applies to all regions, although the rate of voluntary departures is slightly higher in Flanders (5.3%, compared to 4.44% in Wallonia and 4.84% in Brussels).

On the other hand, involuntary departures increased by 16% last year, mainly due to a significant increase in bankruptcies and retirements, which reached their highest rate since 2015 but also because of the health crisis.