Get your start-up known with social networks


Recent findings indicate that only 13 % of Belgian companies use social networks to promote their activities in spite of the fact that 70% of Belgians are connected to various social networks and that this media is the cheapest, easiest and the most efficient way to publicise your business. […]

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The little green book that’s a big, big success


The English-language ‘bible’ of setting up a business started life two years ago as a little-known handbook offering advice and information about setting up a business or organisation in Belgium but, just like the company behind it, the book has become a key player in Belgium’s business consultancy world and has now sold over 1,000 copies. […]

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Set up an ASBL/VZW


An ASBL is the most common form of not-for-profit registration in Belgium.  The law provides extensively for its governance and for this reason, the Articles of Association (AoA) can be drawn up by the members of the organisation itself without the obligation of having the Bylaws notarised. […]

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Registering an operations centre


This is legal framework is specifically designed for foreign NGOs opening an ’operations centre’ in Belgium. To qualify, the organisation must be a registered NGO in its country of origin. […]

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