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Glossary of useful terms in French and Dutch


If you would like to see a list of commonly used business terms in French and Dutch have a look at this setting up a business in Belgium glossary.

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Step-by-step guide


How do I set up a business in Belgium? The first decision you need to make concerns your company’s legal registration as there is a surprisingly large choice of business incorporation models in Belgium. […]

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What you should ask a prospective accountant


Top questions to ask an accountant who you want to work for you It’s important that you feel comfortable speaking with the accountant you finally choose. Ensure that the accountant understands your questions (not only language, but culture surrounding the fact that you don’t have a degree in Belgian tax accounting), and that the communication doesn’t seem hurried or difficult to follow. This is an important relationship that is worth the initial investment. […]

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Essential start up documents


Here’s a quick checklist of things that you need in order to establish an SPRL/BVBA (limited company) in Belgium […]

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Top ten start up tips


Although according to the Belgians it only takes three days to set up a business here in actual fact most of the people that we speak to end up spending weeks if not several months on the formal start up process. It pays therefore to be prepared, to understand what is required at the various stages of the procedure and to make sure you have all the bits of paper that will be asked of you along the way. […]

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