Set up an International Association

Key requirements for setting up an AISBL/international vereniging

Compared to registering an ASBL/VZW, registering an AISBL/internationale vereniging is a more complex, more costly and more lengthy process. It is essential to seek professional advice. Local Knowledge can advise you on how to get started as well as on whether this is the appropriate structure for your organisation.

A big benefit of this structure, compared to the ASBL/VZW option is that you are free to allocate resonsibilities among the various governance bodies (e.g. General Assembly, Council, Board, Management Committee etc.) of your organisation as you see fit.

The Bylaws of an International Association must be notarised and Royal Assent obtained (via the Ministry of Justice) before the Bylaws can be published in the Belgian Official Journal which is the proof of the establishment of the organisation.

Local Knowledge can support you through the entire registration process in relation to setting up your AISBL/internationale vereniging.

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