Paid education leave

Posted October 27th, 2016 in News by Louise

pexels-photo-24873All employees in Belgium are entitled to paid education leave. Each region has now identified a list of sectors and jobs where a labour shortage exists. If an employee follows a course linked to one of these jobs where there is a labour shortage they are now entitled to 180 hours per year of paid education leave. (The previous limit was 100/120 hours per year). The list for the Brussels region is here; http://www.actiris.be/Portals/33/Liste%20NL-FR.pdf ; for Flanders here:  http://www.rva.be/nl/documentatie/infoblad/t103 ; for Wallonia here: https://www.leforem.be/MungoBlobs/896/476/Etudes_qui_preparent_aux_metiers_en_penurie.pdf

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