Providing practical HR advice and support

Posted July 16th, 2010 in Case studies by Louise

Local Knowledge works regularly with organisations to help them manage the cultural aspects of being an employer in Belgium. As you will know if you have been in Belgium for only five minutes, there are a great many rules for the Belgian employer to contend with even if the company only has one employee.

Our role is to make sure you are aware of those rules and that you have integrated them into your own workplace policies and practices.

We find that this is often very challenging for organisations whose cultural centre is in another country where naturally, quite different rules and regulations apply. We were recently approached by a multinational consultancy, based in the UK that needed support to translate their global HR policies and procedures into their Belgian organisation whilst ensuring full compliance with Belgian regulations. Following a briefing with the client we were able to amend and adapt existing regulations in a matter of days. We also arranged for the official translation of the rules into French (from English) thus ensuring that the organisation could register its work regulations with the appropriate authorities with the minimum of additional administrative burden on their own resources.

Our contacts among translators and our knowledge of Belgian employment rules saved our client valuable time. To find out how we can help you, contact us.

Registering an NGO operations centre

Posted July 16th, 2010 in Case studies by Louise

An international NGO with a Belgian member posted two workers to the Belgian affiliate’s office to work on EU issues. As their workload has increased and as the organisation has identified further opportunities, the parent NGO wanted to explore the options around a separate legal registration for the international office in Belgium.

They commissioned Local Knowledge to set out the various options for legal registration and to make recommendations for their specific case.

Following acceptance of our recommendation, Local Knowledge was on hand to ensure that the right forms were correctly completed and that all the relevant signatories from the international NGO’s Board had signed in the correct places.

Setting up a business

Posted July 16th, 2010 in Case studies by Louise

Overview: Yana Groves, who in 2008 arrived in Belgium seeking to set up a media training consultancy in Brussels, is British but speaks limited French. Her main aim was to be self employed and was interested in finding the cheapest, most tax efficient solution.

After receiving advice from Local Knowledge on the different business incorporation options available to her in Belgium, she decided to opt for the quick, low start up cost option.

She says: “Local Knowledge has been instrumental in the creation of Y&G Media. Their advice and support was ‘above and beyond’ in every way. Their guidance was second to none. I recommend the team to anyone seeking a committed, energetic asset to their business.”

Yana Groves, Managing Director, Y&G Media

See Yana’s Linked-in profile.

Local Knowledge can explain to you the process of legal incorporation and take care of the practical steps. We have done it countless times before and our experience will save you precious days that you can spend developing your business and generating income.

We also provide advice and recommendations in relation to key service providers for small businesses such as pension providers, insurance brokers, accountants and lawyers.

Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you.