Inside the Local Knowledge Guide

The book boiled down
In only one hundred pages, this book contains all essential information that you need to set up a new business in Belgium. Whether you are opening a representation office or starting your own business, this invaluable guide sets out clearly the key issues you need to work out before you start, making sure that you don’t waste any time or money. It is packed full of tips, checklists and ‘bottom lines’ so you won’t forget anything or make an expensive administrative error.

And in a bit more detail…

Chapter 1
An overview of the business environment in Belgium and sets out the pros and cons of being based in Belgium.

Chapter 2
Outlines the legal registration process and walks the reader through the different options and advantages for incorporation and registration. It summarises the different options for incorporation and presents a step by step guide to registration.

Chapter 3
Covers all you need to know to get started as an employer. This is a complex area of law; it is both heavily regulated and closely monitored by the Belgian authorities so you need to make sure you get it right. The question and answer format guides you effortlessly through the complex legislation relating to hiring staff, gives guidance on salary expectations of employees and what it could cost you and summarises Belgian government incentives relating to employment.

Chapter 4
Analyses the tax and finance aspects of being self-employed. It provides advice on finding the right accountant for you as well as pointers to make sure you make the most of your situation from a tax point of view. The useful list of questions to ask prospective accountants are invaluable for anyone wondering how on earth to go about selecting one and the tables at the end of this chapter capture clearly and concisely how to calculate your own salary as a company director for maximum advantage.

The final chapter
covers some of the key suppliers that entrepreneurs will rely on to run their business. It provides information to help you get started in your search for reliable contractors be it telecom needs, banking or legal advice. At the end of the book, a list of useful websites and a valuable glossary of relevant terms in English, French and Dutch complete the guide.

Co-author Louise Hilditch says: “The book has the great virtue of being concise while containing all the key information required. The layout guides the reader in an easy-to-follow format through the complex maze of Belgian requirements.

“It is indispensable if you are setting up a representation office for local government, a trade association, an NGO or your own business.”

How do I buy a copy? Available through bookstores and newsagents in Brussels or directly via this website.