The book

About the book

The Local Knowledge Guide is is a complete guide to setting up and running a business in Belgium. Each chapter covers a different, essential aspect of business in Belgium.It helps you navigate the Belgian bureaucracy, choose your best legal and financial options and get the most out of the many subsidies and grants on offer.
Chapter 1 – Why Belgium?
Chapter 2 – Business incorporation options
Chapter 3 – Tax and finance
Chapter 4 – Social and Employment law
Chapter 5 – Government incentive schemes for employers
Chapter 6 – Key suppliers

Where to buy the book

You can buy the book from this website or a number of bookshops in Belgium
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About the authors: Louise Hilditch and Julie Kolokotsa

Between them, Louise Hilditch and Julie Kolokotsa have over 30 years experience of living and working in Belgium. They have set up successful businesses and organisations in Belgium, have worked as public affairs practitioners for the private and non-profit sectors and now run a successful business helping others to set up and run businesses, NGOs, foundations and trade associations.
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