EU Blue Card – now in Belgium

Posted October 10th, 2011 in Belgian Law, News by Louise

EU Blue Card to work in European UnionEU Blue Card – entry into force in Belgium

The Belgian Government is completing the final steps in the transposition of EU legislation that would allow highly skilled non EU nationals to live and work more easily in Belgium as part of a common EU effort to attract highly skilled migrants.

The scheme, known as the Blue Card scheme would entitle the holder of a Blue Card to live and work in any Member State of the EU after an initial two year period in the country to which the original application was made.

To qualify for a Blue Card, the person must
• Be in possession of higher professional qualifications (a diploma of higher education of 3 years minimum);
• Hold a contract of indefinite duration or a minimum of one year;
• Receive an annual salary over € 49,995 gross (in Belgium).

The Blue Card is now available in Belgium, click here for more information

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  1. That is really good news. I’ve been following different country implementations of the Blue Card and it appears to be moving slowly but surely forward.

    Thanks for the update and best regards.

  2. kishore says:

    Good news, do you know anyone who can assis
    t with application process, I have a job offer but the employer can’t wait for 3 months

  3. Keshav says:

    I meet all the requirements for the blue card in Belgium but I am not sure how I should apply. My employment contract is on a permanent basis and I have lived in Belgium for more than 2 years. It would be good to know if Belgium has seriously enforced the Blue card rules. I recently applied for a new (annual) resident card and had no idea I could have applied for a blue card.

    Is there someone or an organization I can contact?

  4. Monia says:

    Yes, indeed the criteria for the future Blue Card are those ones. Unfortunately, the Blue Card it is still not applicable in Belgium (the decree hasn’t been published yet). So in your case, the “permis de travail B” is still in application.

    When we will get the date of the Blue Card formalization, we will post it through our blog.

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